DK55 Turbo Kioti Tractor with Front Loader

Kioti DK55 Turbocharged Tractor
Includes Wide Industrial Tires
MSRP: $36,724
Our Price: $33,195

Ask About $4,500 in Cash Rebates or 0% financing for 60 months.

Kioti DK55 Turbocharged Compact Tractor

The DK55, 54 hp, high-performance compact tractor packs impressive power and smooth handling into one dependable workhorse with many standard features, comfortable and ready for any job that demands a durable utility tractor.

For added safety, the AUTO PTO function can be selected to automatically stop the PTO when the implement is raised by the control lever, eliminating exposure to moving parts. A safety interlock prevents engine start when the PTO switch is left on.

Safe and easy operation of the live independent rear PTO is made possible with a hydraulic clutch. Two selectable PTO speeds (540/1000 RPM) power a wide range of implements on the DK55.

Remote(Rear) Hydraulic Valves
The DK55 has two sets of hydraulic valves with quick-disconnect fittings as standard equipment. One circuit features a floating detent, the second circuit is detent only. A wide variety of hydraulically actuated and hydraulically driven implements can be used.

Auxiliary Lift Control
The 3-point hitch can also be controlled from the ground at the rear of the tractor. Attaching implements is easier and safer with this control within easy reach.

Telescopic CAT I & II hitch
Implements are easily attached with telescopic lower links. The DK55 has interchangeable CAT I and CAT II ends, permitting a wider variety of implements to be used.

12×12 Synchronized Transmission
The fully synchronized shuttle and synchronized transmission provides smooth and easy shifting on the move. Transmission features 12 forward and 12 reverse gears to handle all kinds of jobs.

Mid-Mount Hydraulics
Standard hydraulic couplers with joystick control provide for the quick and easy connection of a front-end loader.

Deluxe Operator Station
The full-featured instrument panel, adjustable seat, tilt wheel, power steering, grab handles, wide step-through deck, and convenient controls are designed for operator comfort and user-friendly operation.

Front End Loader
The KL 551 Loader is equipped with a universal quick-attach mounting system that makes attaching a bucket as simple as latching an overcenter latch. A built-in parking stand on the front end loaders provides a quick and easy connection. The KL551 Loader utilizes the tractor’s hydraulic system, features single-lever control with float, and comes with a bucket level indicator.

Loader Specifications
Tires Front : 9.5×20.6
Counter Ballast 1,544 lbs
A Maximum lift height to pivot pin 113.58″
B Maximum lift height under level bucket 111.02″
C Clearance with bucket dumped 88.20″
D Reach at maximum lift height 28.54″
E Maximum dump angle 64°
F Reach with bucket on ground 73.62″
G Maximum rollback angle 35°
H Digging depth -6.06″
J Overall height in carry position 56.81″
L Depth (Horizontal distance) 18.58″
M Height (Overall vertical height) 22.4″
N Length (Horizontal distance) 25.2″
Lift capacity to maximum height at pivot pin 2,850 lbs
Breakout force at pivot pin 4,675 lbs
Bucket rollback force at ground line 4,580 lbs
Relief valve setting (Loader control valve) 2,600 psi
Rated flow (Tractor hyd. system) 10 GPM
Attachment (Bucket size) 78″(QA)
Items 1,000/1,500/2,000/2,600
Raising time 18/12/9/5.5
Lowering time 10/7/5/5
Bucket dumping time 10.5/7/5/3
Bucket rollback time 7.5/5/4/2
Loader model KL551

The KIOTI KB 2485 Series backhoe lets you trench up to 114” deep with a bucket dig force up to 3,748 pounds. The KB2485 Backhoe feature subframe mounting, responsive two-lever controls with exceptional feathering, hydraulic stabilizers, transport lock and a variety of standard and heavy-duty buckets.

Backhoe Specifications
A. Digging Depth (two foot flat bottom) 2,400mm/94.4″
B. Reach from Center Line of Swing Pivot 3,460mm/136.1″
C. Loading Height (bucket at 60°) 2,040mm/80.3″
D. Maximum Leveling Angle 10°
E. Swing Arc 180°
F. Transport Height (maximum) 2,360mm/92.9″
G. Transport Overhang 1,280mm/50.4″
H. Bucket Rotation 180°
I. Stabilizer Spread (down position) 1,745mm/68.7″
J. Stabilizer Spread (up position) 1,180mm/46.4″
K. Angle of Departure 21°
Shipping Weight – Backhoe (without bucket) 1,091 lbs. (495kg)
Bucket Digging Force 1,700 kg/3,748 lbs
Dipperstick Digging Force 1,000 kg/2,205 lbs
Operating Pressure 170 bar/2,466 psi
Cylinder Bore DIA Retracted Length Stroke Rod DIA
Boom 2.75 25.04 15.20 1.57
Bucket 2.36 24.8 15.55 1.38
Dipperstick 2.75 27.87 19.88 1.57
Swing 2.36 15.67 8.78 1.38
Stabilizer 2.36 17.55 10.31 1.38

Standard Equipment
Full Open Hood
Flat Deck
Suspended Foot Pedals
Hydrostatic Power Steering
Foot Operated Tilt Steering Wheel
Flip Up PTO Guard
Dual Remote Hyd. Valve
Telescopic Lower Link Ends
Telescopic Stabilizer
Crank Type Lift Rod
Out Door Hitch Control Lever
Bevel Gear Front Wheel Drive
4WD Indicator
Single Joystick Lever for
Front End Loader
Swinging Draw Bar
Rear Working Light
Foldable ROPS
Swing Draw Bar
Rear Differential Lock
Tool Box
Adjustable Seat with Seatbelt
Trailer Electrical Outlet
Beverage Holder


Optional Equipment
Front Suitcase Weights
Sun Shade
Deluxe Cab

Model 4A220TLWB
Type 4Cyl., In-line Vertical, Water-cooled 4-cycle diesel engine
Engine gross 54 (40.3)
PTO HP(KW) 45.2 (33.7)
Displacement 134.1 (2,197)
Rated revolution rpm 2600
Fuel tank capacityℓ) 18 (68)

Clutch Dry single
Transmission Synchro shuttle
Speeds 12F12R
Differential lock Standard
Brake Wet disc
PTO Hydraulic, Independent
Rear 540 / 1000
Pump Gear(Tandem)
Pump capacity(Max. flow rate) gpm(ℓ/min) 1st : 9.88 (37.4) 2nd : 4.33 (16.4)
3-point hitch Cat.Ⅱ
Maximum lifting capacity(24”aft. of hitch) lbs.(kg) 2654 (1204)
Hydraulic lift control system Position, Draft, Mixed control
Steering Hydrostatic Power Steering
Front AG.(TURF, INDUSTRIAL) 9.5×20/6(29×12.5×15, 14×17.5)
Rear AG.(TURF, INDUSTRIAL) 14.9×28(44×18-20,18.4×24/8)

Forward mph(km/h) 0.24-16.42 (0.39~26.43)
Reverse mph(km/h) 0.21-13.59 (0.33~21.87)

Overall length(includes 3-pt hitch) in.(mm) 130.5 (3,316)
Overall width(minimum tread) in.(mm) 69.3 (1,760)
Overall height(from top of ROPS) in.(mm) 106.5 (2,705)
(from top of CABIN) in.(mm) 99.6 (2,530)
Wheelbase in.(mm) 75.6 (1,920)
Min. ground clearance in.(mm) 17.5 (445)
Front in.(mm) 57.5 (1,461)
Rear in.(mm) 53.9 (1,370)
Min. turning radius(with brake) feet(m) 9.6 (2.92), without brake(3.56)
Weight with
ROPS lbs.(kg) 4,795 (2,175)
CABIN lbs.(kg) 5,180 (2,350)

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